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DIOR - Cannage Stitch Wallet

DIOR - Cannage Stitch Wallet

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This Pre-owned DIOR - Cannage Stitch Wallet is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and practical accessory to carry their essentials. Made out of high-quality black Lambskin, this wallet is durable and has a sleek look that will elevate any outfit.

  • The Bag Silhouette of this wallet is Small Leather Goods, making it compact and easy to carry around.
  • Measuring at a Height of 4.33, Width of 8.27, and Depth of 1.18 inches - it has ample space for all your cards and cash

The wallet features the iconic Cannage Stitch design by DIOR/Christian Dior that adds an elegant touch to the overall look. It comes with both Chain Strap & Charm accessories that make it versatile for different occasions.

  • This Pre-owned DIOR - Cannage Stitch Wallet's Condition Description is Very Good which ensures its quality standard
    • Condition Type: Very Good
    • Name Of The Authenticator/Agency: The product has been authenticated by Entrupy agency which adds an extra layer of trust on its authenticity.

*Condition details:

[Outside] The exterior has slight scratches, rubbing, and is a bit dull. The corners show signs of friction but aren't torn, and there are marks from the shoulder strap. The main opening is slightly misshaped with some misalignment and peeling metal coating on the inner fastener part. The back side and sides are slightly misshaped with dents. The decorative part has slight rubbing and marks from the shoulder strap.

[Inside] The interior has small scratches and is slightly dirty. The pockets and card pocket are slightly misshaped with marks from cards.

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